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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Decoupage Serviette: Another Cath Kidston

              It has a blue background but it doesn't come out properly in the scan (even in hi-res).  Now I wished it.s actually white :-)


I like this design the moment I saw it on CK's website.  Can't wait to use it in my next project!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Tatting Project: Raya Cookie Cannister

I did some cleaning in the kitchen over the weekend and discovered a few plastic PET jar with red cover in various size. Wonder where they came from, couldn't recall buying them at all.

Since the RE set I made last year is still serviceable, I think dressing up a few taller jars would complement them. So I tinker a bit with what I already have and here it is.


I tried a few version and this is the one that makes the cut. It's not's properly adhered to the base fabric yet. So I can still do some changes, if I feel like it, later.

From the top

It is the center of the Be-Stitched's Mom's Pink Doily. It's lovely but I stopped at round 3 - for no particular reason and have yet to pick it up.

These are the rejects - I've very firm panel of judges. They won't budge at all.


It's smaller and fits the cover nicely. I love the braid and will use it whenever possible :-)


I forgot which book the original pattern is from but it's definitely bead-less. And nobody likes it, at all. (In this house, the appropriate term is A BIG X)


I've always love this motif - I've made it countless time. In fact, I have another version in ecru that goes beautifully with the square cotton hankie.

But still, a BIG X *grin*

Friday, August 06, 2010

Decoupage Project: Classic Rose Teacup

My second set of teacup.

It is bigger than the
one I made before (seems that IKEA has discontinued the Duktig set). This pair I picked up at a shop along Jalan TAR.


The cup is 2" high and 3" wide. Still tiny than the average cup but more space to work with the design.


I just love the gold rim :-)


I keep it very very simple for the saucer this time.

I used clear spray to protect the surface cos the pasted napkin cut-out can be peeled off easily.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Tatting Project: A few reds

Updated 7.08.2010

I already tried a few of the patterns from that Blomqvist & Persson's book.

The motifs & edgings in blue, pink and ofcourse ecru came out very good but the photos are totally not, so you'll only be getting these, for now.

Sunflower while still a WIP

The pattern is on page 77. I've completed this doily over the weekend but still haven't properly block it.

The pattern is quite straightforward and I don't have much problem with it - not that I expect any, LOL. U
sing the Babylo Red #10, the completed doily is about 21cm in diameter.

This little motif is part of tatted fabric ATC set. Will update the rest later. It looks too simple so I add a few beads. Yes, it kinda similar to this pillow.

The fabric is IKEA's Lenda, I think. The eyelet was a last minute addition that nearly ruin the whole thing cos the finished rectangle is pretty thick (with a mounting board base) but good for me it went just nice - very tidy indeed but I couldn't say much about the stitches - looks pretty bad here, LOL..

And finally, this butterfly - the pattern is in this book. This is the 2nd time I tat it.

the shuttles more than half full after finishing up the Sunflower doily, I was pretty confident they're sufficient - only to have to do an emergency SLT and fingertat the last 10 ds :-)

I did a bit of tweaking on the original pattern.

For the body, instead of double rings each I only did one - all split rings. The wings are supposed to be all chains which I find it a bit puzzling the first time since there are 2 small rings in the design - which is what I did this time.

No have any immediate plan for this butterfly yet.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Decoupage Project: Lemons Can

As promised earlier, here is the 2nd can (well, technically, it's the 3rd but the other one is not really presentable, it needs some a lot of touch-ups )

For the record, this was formerly Yeo's Baked Bean in Tomato Sauce.

I like this tin since the surface is flat and not ridges as the norm with can that comes with paper labels. Base coating cans with printed surface requires more time and effort.

The Other Side

I actually like this side better.

Maybe I'll redo the other can with the leftovers from this napkin.

It just occurred to me that I still have plenty of napkins & tissues in my collection that I haven't use in any of my project, shame isn't it?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Decoupage Project: Herb FM

A very simple project, one completed under 15 minutes*

This is made using one of my favourite herb napkins (not that I have that many, LOL). I personally love the background (a mix of Jo Sonja's Pine Green and Island Sand).

The somewhat worn edges is intentional.

* I already cut this napkin aeons ago for another project - so that makes it easier and a craft-dedicated hairdryer helps :-)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Book: Tatting Patterns And Design

I bought this book at Kinokuniya KLCC, recently.

This is my 4th tatting book published by Dover and the first thing I noticed is that
it's smaller than the others.

The introduction by the writers is informative and there's 2 photos of the most exquisite handkerchiefs I've ever seen - I wonder how long it took to complete each. There's one section on mobiles (motif), pretty and not difficult at all (I already did a few). The doily patterns are lovely to look at too! Yes, I might give it a try someday..

But one (a beginner especially) might be a bit intimidated cos the instruction is in writing (and kinda brief) - if you're like me (who much prefer drawn patterns) but the photos are helpful. Still, I'm happy to have this book in my collection.

Image source

96 pages

Dover Publications Inc. (New English edition 1 Nov 1989)
Language English


Monday, July 26, 2010

Decoupage Project: Door Hanger

This is the MDF door hanger I made for a swap challenge.


I seldom go for dark background in my decoupage. This is a combination of Jo Sonja's Background Colour; Island Sand and Pine Green.


Here the background looks maroon-ish, it's actually Rose Pink on top of Pine Green.

The fonts is one of the samples available in this book.I used Folk Art's Metallic Champagne. For the edges, Krylon 18k Gold.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Decoupage Project: Summer Blossom Fridge Magnet

One of my favourite napkin. I already made a coaster sets before.

I used Jo Sonja's Rose Pink for the polka dots border

There'll be more to come (both coasters and FM).