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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

RE Project: A.N.Jell Topiary

Dedicated with heaps of love to fellow addicts, the most awesome LIVESTATION GANG!!!, whom since day 1 have been rallying for this drama & its wonderful casts.

I had so much fun with you guys..

The works -

Roses: French knots - 1/8" pale pink & mauve and 1/4" pale pink
Leaves: Ribbon stitch - 1/4" various shades of green
Fillers: French knots - 1/8" shades of green
Trunk: Garden rope (some unravelled) anchored with matching thread
Vase: Paper ribbon cut to shape and secured with hot glue. I added light brown thread to add dimension.



Here my inspiration for this project - the actual topiary (cropped image, SBS' You're Beautiful - ep 14).

*now off for a ride on Jeremy's magic bus*

Monday, November 23, 2009

Decoupage Kit: Cath Kidston Combo on Heart

Everything you need to reproduce this item is in the kit. With it, you'll be able to make 3 lovely hearts and still have leftover for other project.

Instruction is not provided.

For there's hardly any need for it - let your creativity juice flow - but if you require any assistance, I'd be happy to guide you, just let me know.

This project should be suitable for a very enthusiastic beginner.

Kit A - RM15 inclusive postage

Content: 3 pieces of 3" heart shaped woodsie, one piece of Cath Kidston's Pastel Stripe (blue) napkin & Cath Kidston's Classic Rose (white) tissue plus magnetic strip.

Kit B - RM24 inclusive of postage (get this only if you do not already own a gold/silver paint marker)

Content: 3 pieces of 3" heart shaped woodsie, one piece of Cath Kidston's Pastel Stripe (blue) napkin &Cath Kidston's Classic Rose (white) tissue, magnetic strip and one Paint Marker in metallic colour @ RM9 (please request either gold or silver)

1. This is not a starter kit - ideally you should already have decoupage basics, i.e. sealer, gesso (or equivalent) & glaze/varnish, in hand to proceed with this project.
2. Each item also sold separately. Do enquire for details if it's not already listed in SALE items.
3. Magnetic strip is included as initially this is a fridge magnet but now it's up to you - it' doesn't really have to be one :-)

Decoupage Project: Another door hanger

Presenting my first project using the Sheer Blossom mentioned earlier.

Here I fully utilised the Elizabethan Garden tissue by doing both sides (unlike this one).

Shading: Plaid's Folk Art Sheer Blossom + retarder.

Border: Plaid's Folk Art Baby Pink & gold (paint marker)

Back - GREEN

Shading: Jo Sonja Pine Green + retarder.
I was bored while waiting for it to dry up so I played around hence the watercolour effect (which I think is quite nice).

Border: Solid Jo Sonja Pine Green & gold.
For the apperture's border, I decided to practise my dot making skill. I'm loving my stylus so much!

Will post close ups once I get a clear image.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Decoupage Project: from Grapes to Roses

RoseRedoute on MDF plaque

Base is in Americana's Buttercream, shading Americana's Burnt Umber. I'm glad it turns out quite OK cos I seldom use the dabbing technique for shading.

Close up

I lined the edges with a hint of black (Licorice from Plaid's Folk Art) & gold (paint marker).

This was the BEFORE photo.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


There's always a first time for everything...

I've been a regular visitor at Razna's old blog and now she has a new home in WP land.

This is my first participation in online giveaway.

What compelled me to join in?

Definitely the loot - for there's no such thing as too many serviettes (I know I already have aplenty) and to have 10 pieces of your choosing (from her online shop) for FREE plus a Mystery gift?


The rules are simple - create a link to both blog & give-away entry. List down the serviettes of your liking (the rpize) and let her know about it by leaving a comment.
After much deliberation, these are the 10 patterns that would make a nice addition (fingers crossed) to my growing collection - in no particular order.


I've added her blog link - so if you're also interested to join in, click on it or the image above. The winner will be decided on14 December 2009.

Good luck to us all!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Acrylic Paint: Plaid's Folk Art Sheer Blossom

Quite a recent acquisition (an alternative to FA's Baby Pink).

I like this shade very much. Will post its' maiden project soon!

I have an extra - to purchase, click HERE for details.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Decoupage Project: Rosamond Wooden Box

A case of "Less is Definitely More" not. The top was featured here earlier.

I know I was being overzealous working with the sides. It gives me a headache just looking at it. Sorry..

Should've kept it simple like the back, yes?

Watch this space cos I'll definitely redo it sooner or later - really can't stand its' sight ATM.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Decoupage Project: Clematis Picture Frame

When I'm in a funk but itching to do something (it happens all the time), this is my favourite material.

Tho nowadays people more akin to snap photos with digital gadgets and printing them are a hassle but it will always be handy.

2 Goats at Abandoned House by the Beach.

As usual I used IKEA's RAM wood frame - it's cheap and safe to use in children's room since they use polystyrene plastic now instead of glass.

However do keep a keen eye when purchasing since it's unfinished wood pine, you might end up with imperfect frames, minor splint & all - no worries cos that can be fixed easily with (at least 3 layers of) gesso & strategically placed serviette cut-out.
IKEA does have excellent Return Policy.

With wooden frame is you can hardly go wrong and it gives you room to experiment. In this instance I used large pieces of Clematis with Mod Podge Paper, other time it would be bits and parts of the chosen pattern, like this one.

Always remember to seal it first.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Book: Silk Ribbon Greeting Cards

I love making RE cards.

After quite a lengthy break - it's time to make some. This bookmark and card were made based on the instruction from this book.

Paperback: 48 pages
Publisher: Search Press (September 1, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1844480496
ISBN-13: 978-1844480494

It is part of the handmade Greeting Cards series from Search Press and I bought it sometimes back at Kinokuniya, KLCC.

For a sneak peek, go to and view some of the lovely cards featured.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Decoupage Project: Home Sweet Home Signage

Looks familiar?

The earlier version was on oval shaped wood with green shading.

Rosabelle's Home Sweet Home

The shading was originally Folk Art Taffy+retarder, then i decided to aged it with Americana Burnt Umber using dry brush.

Side view

Some detailed work, i.e. gold & brown line at the edge to accent the shading.

Close up

Instead of paint marker, this time the wordings is in Americana Burnt Umber - I've a lot of practise, so no hardship this time.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Decoupage Project: Victoria FM

The completed version, after a bit of tweaking.

Tho I did botched up a bit when the scallop border bleed upon contact with clear spray. (Will stick to the glaze when using Deco Colour paint marker then)

This also marked the christening of my new aluminum stylus - it was fun making them polka dots (in Americana Burnt Umber) so do expect to see more in other project .


A single Victoria Rose on 2" wide circle MDF. It's about 1//4" thick.
The background is in (Folk Art) taffy+ retarder.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Decoupage Project: Butter Cookies Tin

Fired up by Ayu's amazing work (quite enamoured by the Lavendar), I finally decided to work on my own tin which has been collecting dust for nearly half a year.

It still requires some touching-up tho.

Full view

In this project, I fully utilised the
Flower Stripe, even the (uneven) lattice came from the purple line.

The Cover

The lavendar shade came from Jo Sonja Purple + Folk Art Taffy combination.