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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hello 2010!

Last post for the year!

Thank you for your visit(s) and for appreciating my craft. I am truly grateful for your friendship and support.

Looking forward to see all of you tomorrow and the next 364 days of 2010, insya-Allah.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Decoupage Project: Tin Bucket

My Tin Bucket

The original plan was to paint it with blue stripes but instead I used leftovers of Cath Kidston Floral Gingham from another project.

The English Roses bouquet on blue background is actually a sticker for wall tiles. I stained the surface with Burnt Umber to create a worn look.

Previous look

This requires 4 coats of white spray paint after one layer or sealer. The indoor plant was purchased at IKEA but only lasted for a few weeks. (Maybe I'll get a convincing fake one as a replacement)


Will update with its measurement.

For Sale: Chopping Board

I went through a bout of chopping board buying frenzy - it's not bad cos eventually I will do work on them sooner (or later). It's just that I always bought extras.

And here they are.

CBPM - Mini Chopping Board

Description: 2mm thick of plywood. Measurement as above.
Price: RM2.50 each.

Interchangeable with the heart shape in the Cath Kidston Combo FM Kit.

CBSL - Long Chopping Board

Description: 8mm thick of soft wood. Measurement as above.
Price: RM12 each.
2 only

It doesn't have to stays as a decorative chopping board. Rotate it 90 degrees and you have a short oar - suitable for a maritime theme

CBRW - Big Chopping Board

1cm thick of rubber wood. Measurement as above.
Price: RM15 each.
Quantity: 1 only

This is my favourite - I was tempted to use it in the kitchen!
It's quite heavy so postage will be charged accordingly.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

WMC's Decoupage Exchange: # 5 part 2

From Fawa

I almost forgot to post about this key holder that I received recently. My sons love it so much so it stays in their room after I changed the hooks to a sturdier type.

Thank you Fawa!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Decoupage Project: Aida's Home Sweet Home

Another variation to this design. This time I made it for for Aida.

Did you spot the (obvious) differences?

Close-up: Side

Again, Sheer Blossom+ retarder on the outside and very light Taffy at the centre. The outline is Baby Pink. It still has the stripes, hardly visible tho.

Close-up: Home Sweet Home

This is my favourite font, Kunstler, in Burnt Umber.

Clock-in about 4+hrs for these wordings alone (yup, I work quite slow) but I'm SUPER satisfied with it.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Decoupage Tips: Recycled Bottles

Some of My Recyled Bottles

My first decoupage project (one fine evening, a very loooooong time ago) was on a piece of wood.

Next was glass bottle.

After much practise, this is my 5 steps bottle prep work.
  1. Boil in soapy water to get rid of the residue and paper labels. Scrub vigorously remaining label's adhesive (if any).
  2. Rinse and wipe dry or leave to air-dry (usually a day or more - cos I tend to forget).
  3. Coat with one layer of water-based sealer. Let dry.
  4. Coat with gesso - at least 5 layers for even snowy coating. Thin works best for it dries faster.
  5. Top it with another layer of sealer and let dry.
Then only proceed with pasting the napkin cut-out.
  • I usually do this in batch of 3 bottles or more (depending on the size)
  • I did not use spray paint anymore since I prefer gesso's texture
  • Due to its circular/round shape, small pattern works best - less wrinkle!
  • Bottle cork is inexpensive - available at most neighbourhood household items or hardware shop
  • Sealer (step 3 & 5) is important!
  • The whole process spans days (if not weeks! you know how it is, right?)
  • Always keep a lookout for condiment bottles with interesting shape while grocery shopping!

As bottles do not have resell value (do correct me if I'm wrong), IMO this is the best way to recyle them.

p.s. I've replaced the old photo with this one. I still have a few more bottles not included, they're somewhere around the house.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ribbon Embroidery Project: Simple Wall Hanging

Inspired by this tutorial by my RE sifu, PnAnn.

As usual, I keep it very simple.

On the reverse, I left it blank (lazy much) but i enjoyed stringing the beads, it's calming. At the moment it sits nicely gathering dust in my WIP basket, as I've yet to find matching tassle to complete it.

Close up

Monday, December 21, 2009

For Sale: MDF Plaques

I need to clear some of these from storage. Alternately you can click at SALE for list of items.

Feel free
to PM or e-mail for more details.

MDF stands for Medium Density Fibreboard

MCM1 - RM5 (0.5cm thick)
Quantity: 2 only

MRS1 - RM5
1 only

For more rectangles (various size), please here and here.

MCO1 - RM15
3 1 only

MDH1 - RM12 (3mm thick)
Quantity: 2 only

Price quoted is exclusive of postage.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Decoupage Project: Scent of Lavender

Inspired Ayu's butter cookies container project.

This is actually once of my favourite napkins (yes, you'll hear that often here cos I love nearly all of the napkins & tissues in my collection).

I used a plastic cake board - saved from my son's birthday recently

The background is Jo Sonja Light Amethyst + gesso.

Initially I was going for a lighter shade but this seems to work just fine.


The wordings in Jo Sonja Dioxin Purple & Light Amethyst.

Honestly, it's not my best work. most of the letters are very shaky partly due to the raised surface but I'll live with it :-) I can always do better next time :-)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

WMC's Decoupage Exchange: # 5 part 1

The designated material is key holder.

For my partner, Eysha, it's a wooden keybox with glass door.

It suffered a few changes before I decided on the look and delivered it to her on Tuesday. This is the final version.

I decided to go with blue & white colour combination and Cath Kidston Summer Blossom tissue & Flora Gingham napkin.

Side view

Top view

With matching checkered light blue ribbon and a gold bow, it's a girlie keybox :-)

I forgot to photograph the inside.

The back of the door is blue but the side wall remains white. The base was a very uninspiring shade of blue. It doesn't flow with the colour scheme so I covered it up with tracing paper before screwing the metal hangers.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Decoupage Project: Crackled Alphabets

This is one of my crackle projects I've been meaning to post.
Sorry it took me quite a while.

I used Plaid's Crackle medium. It works fine (as always) except for some tiny air bubbles.

Base coat is Plaid's Licorice, top coat is Ivory White. I added up some Taffy after pasting Cath Kidston's Summer Blossom, just because.

A close-up on B

Another close-up - D

Friday, December 11, 2009

Giveaway: Ayu61279's My Masterpiece

EDITED 12.01.2010

I guess luck is on my side since I'm one of the winners - thank you Ayu!

Will make another entry once I received the prize, heheheh...


Another giveaway entry :-)

This time from Ayu, commemorating her wedding anniversary (congratulations!!!) & birthday (happy birthday!!!)

I've known Ayu from the WMC's forum and been blessed to partner her in the previous WMC's EG - as you can see her work is quite outstanding

The main reason to join this giveaway is - there'll be 2 winners!!



For Lucky Draw Recepient

For Best Entry Winner

(both will also receive a mystery gift each - I'm anticipating it, veryverymuch!)


1. Be her blog's follower - check!

2. Add her link to your bloglist - check!

3. Create an entry of this giveaway, select your favourite work(s) and mention why you love it.

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER - here they are...

(this seems to be a favourite of many)

"I simply like them cos they look 'complete', perfect, not lacking at all (as if store-bought and mass produced), insted of painstakingly homemade. I'm sure her customers are happy with the result.

Not to be patronising, but I believe Ayu, as a fellow decoupage enthusiast, has come a long way and improves a lot. Her workmanship is definitely above par (I can personaly attest to this).

Now Ketua Darjah, this coming year we must make new resolution, ok - jangan malas-malas lagi! "

OK, now that's done, do hop over to her blog if you're also interested to join in as it is open to all bloggers.

Closing date is 15/12/2009, winners to be anounced the next day.


Giveaway: Ibtisamfarah's TinyTini Collection

I stumbled upon her blog and her online shop by chance and was attracted by prize hence I decided to join in as well.


Heavey canvas cotton - limited edition


1. Leave comment at the
entry - check!

2. Create entry at own blog - check!

3. Insert giveaway icon at entry - check!

4. What I plan to do with the prize (should I be the winner that is?)

Should I be so lucky, I will turn it into fabric placemat - decoupaged, definitely!

For I've been wanting to do some but couldn't find suitable fabric in my (depleted) stash - this would work nicely with the napkin design I have in mind.

Closing date is 13/12/09, so if' you're planning to join, do hurry.. and GOOD LUCK!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Decoupage Project: IKEA cup & saucer

I made this pair a very long time ago - the last of my son's IKEA tea set.

The pansies came from an IHR's Carole Lake design - I doubt it's still available nowadays.

The saucer

No need to gesso as it's plain white so I only add gold line at the rim. It's easier using paint marker, less smudge.

Another close-up

Top view

Too plain, yes? Guess it's time for a maker-over .. watch this space!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Decoupage Project: Rosabelle Signage

I made this for my eldest niece.

Home Sweet Home

My first signage using Rosabelle tissue (not napkin). Usually I go with Rosamond.

Stripes: Sheer Blossom
Background: Sheer Blossom+retarder and Taffy at the centre.

I couldn't locate the masking tape so I made the stripes by rough estimate - I think they're pretty even. The edges are lined with gold and brown paint marker (as usual).


Methinks the wordings still need a bit more touching up before varnish.


So pristine, I was very reluctant to move past this stage.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

For Sale: MDF Plaques

MDF stands for Medium Density Fibreboard.

Each is 0.5cm thick unless stated otherwise.

MSL1 - RM11
Quantity: 1 only

MSS1 - RM9
Quantity: 1 only

MRW1 - RM9
Quantity: 1 only

MRW2 - RM9
Quantity: 1 only

MRW3 - RM9
Quantity: 1 only

MRW4 - RM10
Quantity: 1 only