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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Decoupage Project - Have A Rosy Day!

This project marked 2 firsts for me. It's a fridge magnet and the wordings was done without any template (not so bad, ehhh?). It was a last minute addition to my project for WMC's 3rd Exchange Gift.

Initially it has a plain soft pink background. But after much deliberation, I decided to add the white dots.

I'm glad the recipient is happy with it.

Have A Rosy Day
Size: 5cm (D), 2mm thick
Material: MDF
Wording: Americana's Burnt Umber
Design: Rosabelle using sealer

Background: Plaid's Folk Art Baby Pink + White Gesso. Plaid's Folk Art Ivory White to create the dots.

How to make a fridge magnet?
Just stick the magnet at the back of decoupage and voila! it's an FM.
For this project, I cut 2 magnet strips, each about 2 cm long. The existing adhesive is not strong enough so I used double sided tapes to stick them. Most stationery shops do (usually) sell the magnet (in various shapes) by packet.

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