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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Decoupage Serviette - Roses

For someone who doesn't like roses, I do have quite a few of them :-)

Rose Classic
(Only available in Cream background)

This is IHR's Rose Classic and yes, it is quite a classic. This napkin featured here is from the kit I bought more than 2 years ago. The one I just added to my collection is with cream background.

I have a WIP with this design. Will definitely post it here once completed.

Update - 7 July 2009

This is the project mentioned earlier.

Home Sweet Home on Square Canvas
Size: TBC
Wording: Deco Color Paint Marker - Brown
Napkin: Rose Classic using sealer
Shading: Americana's Burnt Umber + Waterclear Retarder

Full credit goes to WMC's member, Amelia, for this is her original design. Thank you!

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