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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My very first post..

Alhamdullillah, finally this blog is up.
I gave myself a deadline to put up this blog by first of July more than 2 weeks ago and suffice to say, being a perfectionist doesn't help at all :P
Must admit this blog looks bare - almost frill-free. Well, that is how I like it. Hope that doesn't put anybody OFF.. Honestly, I do not have any intention to set up a blog at all - but after some nudge by a few, well here it is.
I'm still tinkering with the form - somehow it doesn't sit right so more tweaking in the next few days (I think). Until I fix that, do e-mail or PM me if you have any enquiry.

I've put up this photo a few days back while testing out various blog templates. Do pardon me cos it's not one of my best work, but it is apt, for a first post, don't you think?

More pictures to come. Hope you'll come again. Add me, link me, whatever.. thank you!

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