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Monday, November 23, 2009

Decoupage Project: Another door hanger

Presenting my first project using the Sheer Blossom mentioned earlier.

Here I fully utilised the Elizabethan Garden tissue by doing both sides (unlike this one).

Shading: Plaid's Folk Art Sheer Blossom + retarder.

Border: Plaid's Folk Art Baby Pink & gold (paint marker)

Back - GREEN

Shading: Jo Sonja Pine Green + retarder.
I was bored while waiting for it to dry up so I played around hence the watercolour effect (which I think is quite nice).

Border: Solid Jo Sonja Pine Green & gold.
For the apperture's border, I decided to practise my dot making skill. I'm loving my stylus so much!

Will post close ups once I get a clear image.

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