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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Decoupage Project: Clematis Picture Frame

When I'm in a funk but itching to do something (it happens all the time), this is my favourite material.

Tho nowadays people more akin to snap photos with digital gadgets and printing them are a hassle but it will always be handy.

2 Goats at Abandoned House by the Beach.

As usual I used IKEA's RAM wood frame - it's cheap and safe to use in children's room since they use polystyrene plastic now instead of glass.

However do keep a keen eye when purchasing since it's unfinished wood pine, you might end up with imperfect frames, minor splint & all - no worries cos that can be fixed easily with (at least 3 layers of) gesso & strategically placed serviette cut-out.
IKEA does have excellent Return Policy.

With wooden frame is you can hardly go wrong and it gives you room to experiment. In this instance I used large pieces of Clematis with Mod Podge Paper, other time it would be bits and parts of the chosen pattern, like this one.

Always remember to seal it first.

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