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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

RE Project: A.N.Jell Topiary

Dedicated with heaps of love to fellow addicts, the most awesome LIVESTATION GANG!!!, whom since day 1 have been rallying for this drama & its wonderful casts.

I had so much fun with you guys..

The works -

Roses: French knots - 1/8" pale pink & mauve and 1/4" pale pink
Leaves: Ribbon stitch - 1/4" various shades of green
Fillers: French knots - 1/8" shades of green
Trunk: Garden rope (some unravelled) anchored with matching thread
Vase: Paper ribbon cut to shape and secured with hot glue. I added light brown thread to add dimension.



Here my inspiration for this project - the actual topiary (cropped image, SBS' You're Beautiful - ep 14).

*now off for a ride on Jeremy's magic bus*

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