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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

For Sale: Chopping Board

I went through a bout of chopping board buying frenzy - it's not bad cos eventually I will do work on them sooner (or later). It's just that I always bought extras.

And here they are.

CBPM - Mini Chopping Board

Description: 2mm thick of plywood. Measurement as above.
Price: RM2.50 each.

Interchangeable with the heart shape in the Cath Kidston Combo FM Kit.

CBSL - Long Chopping Board

Description: 8mm thick of soft wood. Measurement as above.
Price: RM12 each.
2 only

It doesn't have to stays as a decorative chopping board. Rotate it 90 degrees and you have a short oar - suitable for a maritime theme

CBRW - Big Chopping Board

1cm thick of rubber wood. Measurement as above.
Price: RM15 each.
Quantity: 1 only

This is my favourite - I was tempted to use it in the kitchen!
It's quite heavy so postage will be charged accordingly.

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