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Friday, December 11, 2009

Giveaway: Ayu61279's My Masterpiece

EDITED 12.01.2010

I guess luck is on my side since I'm one of the winners - thank you Ayu!

Will make another entry once I received the prize, heheheh...


Another giveaway entry :-)

This time from Ayu, commemorating her wedding anniversary (congratulations!!!) & birthday (happy birthday!!!)

I've known Ayu from the WMC's forum and been blessed to partner her in the previous WMC's EG - as you can see her work is quite outstanding

The main reason to join this giveaway is - there'll be 2 winners!!



For Lucky Draw Recepient

For Best Entry Winner

(both will also receive a mystery gift each - I'm anticipating it, veryverymuch!)


1. Be her blog's follower - check!

2. Add her link to your bloglist - check!

3. Create an entry of this giveaway, select your favourite work(s) and mention why you love it.

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER - here they are...

(this seems to be a favourite of many)

"I simply like them cos they look 'complete', perfect, not lacking at all (as if store-bought and mass produced), insted of painstakingly homemade. I'm sure her customers are happy with the result.

Not to be patronising, but I believe Ayu, as a fellow decoupage enthusiast, has come a long way and improves a lot. Her workmanship is definitely above par (I can personaly attest to this).

Now Ketua Darjah, this coming year we must make new resolution, ok - jangan malas-malas lagi! "

OK, now that's done, do hop over to her blog if you're also interested to join in as it is open to all bloggers.

Closing date is 15/12/2009, winners to be anounced the next day.


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