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Monday, February 01, 2010

Needlework: Shuttle Tatting part 1

Keeping up with my resolutions, I'm learning something new.

I spent the weekend going through the basic from a book borrowed from the National Library (will update with the book once I have access to the scanner). Learning on your own can be frustrating sometimes but the line drawn patterns and clear instruction make it less daunting.

I do not own a shuttle so I improvised with the no.13 tapestry needle and make do with the DMC's verigated cotton perles I have. Until my next trip to the craft shop supplies that is.. ;-)

Tatted Butterflies
I did the yellow first - it was a bit lopsided so I did another one. The pink/red is much better.

Not too bad for a beginner - but definitely needs more practice, yes?

It's interesting that I managed to keep up my enthusiasm (so far) cos I remember trying to crochet once and failed miserably...

Any local tatters out there? Do say hello at the the box.. (I want to pick your brain)

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