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Friday, April 02, 2010

Tatting Project: Baby Bootee Pin-cushion

After my initial tatting posts, I had been practising my ds & picot diligently - guided by Rebecca Jones' excellent book and the tutorials posted by awesome tatters out there. There are so many of them, I was very much awed by them, their work and willingness to share.

There are still techniques I haven't fully mastered yet and sometimes it took me a while to digest the different instruction since each tatter has unique writing style.

Off to the project.

The Bootee

I decided that it is a LEFT (but there's only one so it doesn't really matter). Yup, a pin cushion cos we don't have babies in the house. The photo with pins sticking on it doesn't come out nice so use your imagination, ok?

Guided by the pattern on page 94 of the book, Tatting for Babies' chapter.
I used DMC Tradition size 10 in ecru.

The Sole

Length: about 7cm. This was the easiest part.

Without the Ribbon

The flower motif in size 20. I like that it is in light pink. Joining it to the cloverleaf row was quite challenging.

Another Look

Without the velvet insert and 1/8" pink ribbon. It's not very practical, yes?

Overall, it took 3 days to complete. Half of the time was spent undoing the mistakes - well, I was a beginner after all. it. At certain point, I do ponder the wisdom of starting this project.

But seriously, I haven't this much fun since maybe 4 years ago when I started decoupage.

One down, many more projects to go. I'm dedicating my Tuesdays for them (or maybe Thursdays?) .


  1. Yay, a baby bootie! How sweet! Happy Belated International Tatting Day to you! It was International Tatting Day yesterday but I had to work so no tatting for me...too bad so sad.
    I am having a 2 year blogoversary celebration and tatting giveaway on my tatting blog so come on over and join the fun!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  2. Such a sweet baby Bootie! May I ask where you found the pattern? I've been looking for a pattern to tat booties!