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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Decoupage Project: Mum's Kitchen Pan


Initially a disaster (refer to image below) - it took a few revisits to remedy..
  • Curvy surface = wrinkle (at least for me). Nothing much can be done about that.
  • The background was originally in Baby Pink which I find a bit unpleasant to look at so I redid it in Sheer Blossom.
  • The white dots were added later since it looks too plain.
  • The wordings - I used paint marker, easy peasy but it was.. flat? I added white outline and a bit of touching up with acrylic paint to make it looks more natural.
  • The green handles and stripes? I just have to add that cos I find it's too girlie to my own liking..
It looks so much better now, I think..



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