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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Repurposed Project: Glass Vase

This project is inspired by these boxes and the jar. THANK YOU!

Decorated Lace Container

Rectangle vase from IKEA

This vase (together with a few more) went into storage during housemoving and are in the box still since we have small children in the house.

Note: I am still very wary of glass items

The Cover

First time working with corrugated paper eventhough it was purchased a very long time ago.

The pink rose is soooo not centered so I improvised by adding sprays of light blue round beads (the white beads I have are too big).

I covered the vase's thick base with a strip of leftover. Then I added the white braid (a recent purchase) along both edges to make 'em prettier.

At the moment, this is where I keep all some of my ribbons and laces.

The Final Look

From an ordinary vase to a very feminine looking container.

I had quite a productive morning!

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